Our Firm

We are a leading Canadian boutique specializing in damages quantification, business valuation and forensic accounting. Our founding principals – Farley Cohen, Ross Hamilton and Peter Steger – are all former practice leaders of major international consultancies who saw extensive organizational procedures and conflicts hindering their ability to deliver top client service.

The tight focus of a boutique structure allows CHS to concentrate on clients, not leverage. 

We have assembled an experienced team of specialists that brings a thoughtful and collaborative approach to analyzing the key drivers of any financial dispute. Our size allows us to be nimble; and while your business operations may span the globe, our partners are all in the same time zone. So when time is short we can do conflict checks and possibly get started the day you call.

We are as proud of our independence and our objectivity as our expertise. We do not perform financial statement audits, tax or operations-consulting work, which ensures we are truly neutral. We are regularly retained by both plaintiff and defence counsel as well as corporations and are also free to perform as expert witnesses for the court.

In short, we combine big-firm experience with boutique-firm client focus. That’s who we are.

Our Clients

Business today is worldwide and so are our clients. We regularly provide services to the legal, government and corporate communities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean involving a wide range of businesses, industries and issues.

The majority of our clients are litigators, corporate lawyers and in-house counsel, but whether the call comes from a law firm, a C-suite executive or a government department it is because of our reputation for hands-on personal involvement, expertise and efficiency.

Clients know when they call us, they get who they call. They also know they’ll get great service, quality of work, quick turnaround and cost efficiency – without sacrificing experienced eyes on their assignment at every stage.

Our Value Add

At CHS you get big-firm experience without the big-firm red tape. Our founding principals were each former practice group leaders at international consultancies and set a tone of excellence combined with unwavering client focus.

We provide cost-effective and disciplined assessments on a wide range of financial issues, industries and amounts in dispute, but one thing never changes -- when you hire experience, you get experience. Because value is getting who you pay for.

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by Cubicle Fugitive | 29 May, 2014


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