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Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co. is a leading damages quantification, business valuation and forensic accounting firm, and home to some of Canada’s most respected expert witnesses.

CHS was formed in 2010 by Farley Cohen, Ross Hamilton and Peter Steger, who were former practice leaders with major international consultancies. They shared a conviction that the specialized focus of a boutique is a better way to deliver the highest level of expertise in a more effective manner.

The firm developed a reputation for expertise, independence and objectivity, and has quickly grown to become one of the largest boutiques in Canada.


Our name partners really are big names. Farley Cohen, Ross Hamilton and Peter Steger each have over 25 years experience in their fields. They and fellow principals Paula Frederick, Prem Lobo and Greg McEvoy are recognized among Canada’s top expert witnesses, not just by the courts and major corporations but also in peer-reviewed guides.

CHS’s principals have been retained on some of Canada's largest financial disputes and investigations. They have testified as experts in the Federal Court of Canada, as well as the courts of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick and in the U.K. They are also frequently engaged in domestic and international arbitrations, and as consulting experts.

Our streamlined structure puts their expertise directly to work on your file.


At CHS, we do not compromise our independence by doing financial statement audits, tax or operations-consulting work for clients. That means you can be confident that our valuations, quantifications and findings are free from conflicting pressures.  Case in point? We regularly get calls from both plaintiffs and defendants requiring a disciplined and unbiased analysis in large commercial disputes.

We know that law firms, corporations and the courts require a non-partisan assessment on complex financial matters, so we value our independence. You should too.


At CHS, we have always adhered to the highest standards on objectivity, fairness and non-partisanship. We meet the new rules the Canadian courts have imposed regarding the qualifications and conduct of expert witnesses. We always have.

That is why our firm is regularly retained by plaintiffs and defendants alike for our fair and objective approach to assignments. Objectivity is one of our hallmarks but don’t take our word for it, our record of mandates speaks volumes. 

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by Cubicle Fugitive | 29 May, 2014


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